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  • My passport does not have exit stamp from South Africa. Will there be any issues to getting a visa or any repercussions when entering country 01/12/2022
    My passport was not stamped by immigration when returning to India from South Africa. I'm aware that South Africa stamps passport when they exit the country. My passport was not stamped for reasons I'm not sure of. Will there be any issues when applying for a visa or re-entering the country? My visa is of […]
  • How to travel with a minor when you're not their parent (returning to residence country)? 01/12/2022
    A few years ago, I made the question. This focused on going out. However, I have doubts when returning to home country. I will be flying with a family member, who is a minor. I know I need a written consent from the parents. That's fine. But, my doubt is when returning to the home […]
  • UK Standard Visitor Visa - what is the total amount of money you spend each month 01/12/2022
    This is concerning UK visa I know someone has asked a similar question but my issue is my monthly spendings are not consistent. I also do not have a job and my only “income” is from the money I get as allowance. Sometimes my mum sends money into my account to hold it for her […]
  • Multiple-entry schengen visa questions 01/12/2022
    based on the rules for longer term multiple entry schengen visas, which are that "Multiple-entry visas with a long validity shall be issued for the following validity periods, unless the validity of the visa would exceed that of the travel document: (a) for a validity period of one year, provided that the applicant has obtained […]
  • Does any country retaliate if a visitor doesn't use a visa they were granted? 01/12/2022
    In all the cases I am aware of, if a visitor applies and obtains a visa to enter a country but don't use it, nothing happens. This makes me wonder: does any country retaliate if a visitor doesn't use a visa they were granted? (E.g., fine, future immigration headaches or entry ban)
  • Can I fly internationally (US to Thailand) with edible chia seeds? 30/11/2022
    I like eating a spoonful of chia seeds as a nutritional supplement. Would I be able to fly internationally from the US to Thailand with a small plastic bag of chia seeds? To be on the safe side, I assume I should declare these on the customs form. I know that generally bringing plant seeds […]
  • Legal Penalties Incurred for Consular Fraud for Belgium 30/11/2022
    I tried searching in the 1981 decree regulating immigration matters to Belgium in order to find the legal consequences of a fraudulent visa application, but with no much success. What are then the legal penalties one will incur when committing consular fraud, be it false testimony, false documentation, false passport, etc, and be it direct […]
  • Traveling outside Luxembourg with a type D visa 30/11/2022
    I applied for a type D visa to work in Luxembourg. My type D visa is still valid for 3 months but the provisional work permit expired before I entered Luxembourg. Can I travel to Schengen areas now with only my passport and my valid type D visa, without a valid work permit, without a […]
  • Return by immigration officials 30/11/2022
    I was returned from entering SA by a immigration officer because I couldn’t show them funds in my account and my passport was stamped and (ADMISSION APPLIED FOR) was written in it. What does that mean?
  • Validity of Canada visitor visa in expired passport 30/11/2022
    I entered to Canada on 16th June 22 by visa in my expired passport and a new passport valid for next 5 years. The end of visa in my expired passport is 29th Nov 2022. Can I stay inside Canada till 16th December which is end of my 6 months (according to CIC, date of […]
  • Consular Fraud Penalties for the Schengen Area 30/11/2022
    Is there a common codification of the consequences and penalties resulting from consular fraud across all Schengen member states? Or does it differ from member state to member state? I am specifically interested in the case of false representation and/or documentation when applying for a visa. I know for the UK there is a 10 […]
  • Why does Oxford Circus Tube Station temporarily close its entrances? 30/11/2022
    The entrances at Oxford Circus Tube Station seem to be closed for congestion semi-regularly, especially around 6pm. Why do the entrances close? Additionally, does closing the entrances actually alleviate or avoid any real problem?
  • Applied for two year UK Standard Visitor visa - granted six months with no explanation 30/11/2022
    I'm a British Citizen and my wife is Filipino. We live in Spain, and we'd like to visit the UK fairly regularly to see my family. My wife applied for a two year Standard Visitor visa so that we can visit regularly without needing to get a new visa each time. The passport was returned […]
  • Do Miles & More Frequent Traveller / Silver Members get Lounge Access? 30/11/2022
    I have Frequent Traveller Status with the Miles & More programme and bought an economy ticket for my next flight with Austrian Airlines. The Miles & More website seems to indicate that I can use the business lounge with this status, but the Star Alliance website indicates that I need Gold Status (equivalent to M&M […]
  • Foreign driver gets a ticket in my car 30/11/2022
    A German friend came to visit in L.A. He used my car and ran a red light. After he left the US, I received a letter with a ticket and fine. If I give the traffic dept. his name and address will they contact him in Germany?
  • Friends girlfriend's parents preventing her from returning to UK from the UAE (Abu-Dhabi) 29/11/2022
    Background: A friend's long term girlfriend (4+ years) studied in this country and has since worked a couple of jobs. She is a German/UAE dual national. I was apparently mistaken about her being a UAE/German dual national and she should now be solely a German national. I'm not quite sure what her current exact visa […]
  • Why did the restaurant suggest I tip on the tax? 28/11/2022
    I had a meal in a restaurant and the total before tax was $17.00. The sale tax (7.5%) is $1.28 and the total after-tax is $18.28. The minimum suggested tip says 18% ($3.29) on the receipt. This is 18% of the price after tax, while 18% of the total before tax should be $3.06. Though […]
  • Will I go through security again when making a stop in same country 28/11/2022
    I have a flight from Alicante (ALC) Spain to London Heathrow, with a layover in Madrid Spain, will I need to go through security again in Madrid? Or because it's in same country there will be no additional checks when connecting without leaving the airport? Both flights are with Iberia, arrival is in Terminal 4, […]
  • Can we use both cash and card for payments in Iceland as a tourist? 28/11/2022
    Can we do EFTPOS payments (debit/credit card payment) in Iceland using an international debit/credit card, or is it better to use cash as a tourist? I am wondering whether many shops in Iceland use EFTPOS (debit/credit card payment) or cash, especially outside Reykjavík and Keflavík.
  • What real castle would be least expensive to visit from New Zealand? 28/11/2022
    I'm going through the rules for board game called Burg Appenzell, and it says: The player who was the last to visit a real castle goes first. None of us have been in a real castle, and I thought it would be good if I visit one. I live in New Zealand, what would be […]