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  • Travelling within US as an international student without a passport and with a child 31/03/2023
    My wife, my 5 year old child, and I would be flying to San Francisco for our German visa. At the consulate, our passports would be collected. My question is how do I fly back with our passports taken? My wife and I have driver license. I guess that might work. But my concern is […]
  • Does a UK visit visa automatically become invalid when you apply for a UK family visa? 31/03/2023
    Just want to ask if anyone knows the answer to this. I currently have a visit visa valid until 2025. My family visa application has been refused and have made an appeal to the tribunal and there is no outcome to my appeal yet. I am hoping to travel to the UK now to attend […]
  • Bringing alcohol to connection airport 31/03/2023
    This summer I plan to visit my friends while traveling Sri Lanka and would like to bring them alcohol that is made in my country. I'm aware how much I can bring to Sri Lanka. My question is if I need to check rules to bring alcohol to airports where I will have layover. Airports […]
  • Hi whan i book oppointment middle name name not typed like Khushmeet kaur is correct name but now khush kaur book what can i do? [closed] 31/03/2023
    Khushmeet kaur full name but on oppointment letter khush kaur can is ok or not
  • Schengen visa in US with H1B expiring 31/03/2023
    I am on H1B visa currently. I plan to travel to Switzerland this summer. Given certain restrictions about the dates of my trip, my H1 visa will only be valid for exact 3 months on the day I plan to travel back from Switzerland. My issue here is that the Schengen visa info website suggests […]
  • AirAsia deceived me, is there anything I can do? [closed] 31/03/2023
    I had a non-flexible ticket with AirAsia. However, I chatted with the support team and they agreed to refund me a refund fee. They advised me to wait four months for the credit to be back in my account. Consequently, I replanned my trip and bought another ticket from them. After four months I didn't […]
  • Doesn't it a farud in Turkish air line? [closed] 30/03/2023
    I am writing to bring to your attention an issue I experienced while trying to book a ticket for my wife and son from Cologne to Istanbul through your airline's booking system. Unfortunately, during the booking process, I noticed an unexpected and unprofessional issue in your system, which I have attached a screenshot of for […]
  • uk spouse visa refusal [duplicate] 30/03/2023
    I am an Indian citizen my short visit to uk was refused. As I am married to an british citizen and the purpose of the visit is to meet her family. please guide through however my flight is on april 6th
  • Travel alternatives LAX to San Diego 30/03/2023
    I realise this is bordering on a WANTA question but I'm running out of ideas. Our travel plan for getting us from LAX to Tijuana (
  • Last name printed twice on UK visa 30/03/2023
    I’m traveling from US to UK for a seminar in two days with a Chinese passport, and just got the UK visa. But they printed my last name twice on the vignette, with all other informations correct.There is simply not enough time for me to send the passport back. Would I be able to board […]
  • Renewing VLSTS French visa 30/03/2023
    I have a "Passport Talent" visa for France. The information written on the visa is: Valid for: France From: 11-12-22 Until: 10-04-23 Duration of stay: XXX Type of visa: D Number of entries: Mult Remarks: Pass. Talent; Chercheur; PT4 VLSTS; Valider en ligne I am trying to extend my stay from 10 April to 30 […]
  • Is there a public-accessible scale in Naha International Airport in Okinawa? 30/03/2023
    I don't travel light. My backpack is usually about 17kg but when boarding my last flight the check-in scale thought it was 19kg. Sadly my next flight, the day after tomorrow, has a 15kg luggage limit. I can transfer some small heavy items to my carry-on and I do have some things I can throw […]
  • Do I need a transit visa for a trip with connections in both London and Dublin? 30/03/2023
    I'm travelling from Delhi, India to Toronto, Canada via LHR and DUB. It's a 3 legged journey with stops at London Heathrow and Dublin. I have valid visitor visa for Canada. I understand that I'll need to go through border control at LHR since I'll be taking a LHR-DUB flight, which is a domestic flight. […]
  • Minors and CDC Attestation requirements 30/03/2023
    We're traveling back to the US tomorrow and have been asked to complete the CDC Attestation Form. On this form it says minors (ages 2-17) are excepted from the vaccination requirement but are expected to test 3-5 days after entry or isolate for 5 days. We have a 9yo. We are leaving the US the […]
  • CDC Attestation Form 30/03/2023
    We have a flight back to the US tomorrow and our airline (Fiji Airways) has notified us that we will need to present a completed CDC Attestation Form at check-in. Is this form something that would typically be provided or completed at the check-in counter, or are travellers expected to print it out and bring […]
  • Stop along the Tokyo-Kyoto Shinkansen for Mt Fuji views 30/03/2023
    We are currently in Tokyo and will be traveling to Kyoto tomorrow, March 31, by bullet train (nothing booked yet). We would like to see Mt Fuji along the way. Ideally it will take as little time out of the trip as possible, as we have a full itinerary planned in Kyoto, but we certainly […]
  • Taiwan's post-pandemic "7-day SEP" policy 30/03/2023
    Since October 2022 when Taiwan opened back up for travel they've had a "7-day SEP" rule. I learned about this on Australia's "Smartraveller" site which usually has very up-to-date info: All arrivals must undertake 7 days of Self-initiated Epidemic Prevention (SEP). The SEP period can be done in a private residence, provided it meets the […]
  • Using FedEx return envelopes at the French Consulate in Boston ($38 vs ~$10) 29/03/2023
    The website says it is mandatory to use the consulate's/VFS's courier service ($38.50) but the helpline said it is okay to get your own envelopes (probably under $15). I am wondering if anyone has used their own envelopes and if it is safe to do so from a possible passport loss point-of-view.
  • Expired H1B Visa, Valid Canada Visitor Visa. May I transit through Frankfurt? 29/03/2023
    I am planning to book tickets to India from Altanta via Germany. My h1b visa is expired but I have valid I797 and Canada Visitor Visa. Does Canada Visitor Visa suffice the transit in Frankfurt, Germany? I see this in the transit requirements: Nationals of India transiting through Frankfurt (FRA) or Munich (MUC), arriving from […]
  • Long layover in Newark, can I visit NYC? 29/03/2023
    I am a EU national going to the US for a conference. No visa, just the ESTA. When going back to Europe, specifically France, I will have a 17-hour-long layover in Newark: my first flight arrives in Newark at 1am and then my second flight leaves from there at 6pm. Will it be possible for […]