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  • Transit through USA with Canadian Temporary Passport 27/02/2024
    I am traveling from Malaysia to Toronto with a stopover in Tokyo and USA. Is my temporary Canadian passport enough to transit through the airport?
  • Expedia 24 hours cancellation policy if flight departs inside the 24 hour period? Is ChatGPT right? 27/02/2024
    Q: Expedia has a 24 hours cancellation policy, you know about that? A: Yes, Expedia typically offers a 24-hour cancellation policy for most bookings. [...] Q: Now what if I book a flight that departs in 18 hours, and Expedia expressly offers me the 24 hours cancellation policy. That means I could cancel the flight […]
  • Passenger with two family names - Dominican Republic entry form 27/02/2024
    Travellers to the Dominican Republic are required to complete an Electronic ticket for entry and exit prior to arrival. I’m the lead passenger (UK citizen/resident) travelling with my partner (DR visa national, currently in UK on long-term Visitor visa). As I understand it, we complete one e-ticket form covering both of us, which I have […]
  • Late night flights from Istanbul 27/02/2024
    I'm looking at a Turkish Airlines booking from London to Jakarta. I see a stopover in Istanbul, the Istanbul to Jakarta leg leaving at 01:50. I'm wondering about the practicalities of taking that late night/early morning flight. My concerns come from taking late night flights from other aiports. My experiences were not fun - few […]
  • Will staying longer than planned in Japan cause problems? 27/02/2024
    I have a question regarding my visa. I have a Canadian passport and I booked a ticket to Japan for 30 days. I know that my passport allows me to stay in Japan for 90 days. I'm thinking, for example, If extend my stay for about 83 days in Japan, will this pose a problem […]
  • Airasia covid refund long time pending 27/02/2024
    In 2020, I filed two refund requests as suggested by AirAsia's email. However, despite submitting the requests, I have yet to receive the refunds. The automated response I received indicates that the refunds are still in process. Unfortunately, there seems to be no way to reach a human officer at AirAsia currently. I'm becoming increasingly […]
  • What is the minimum requirement to extend Schengen visa without any official reservations? 26/02/2024
    I secured a French Schengen visa from February to May. I wanted to do a solo trip, but after looking at the prices of travel and living, I decided going with someone else was the best course of action. My friend wants to go next January though. This means I might have to extend my […]
  • Legal Advice for Schengen Visa [closed] 26/02/2024
    Last year, I encountered a visa refusal from Maltese authorities with the reason being "reasonable doubts as to the reliability of the statements made regarding [please specify]." My intention was to work in Malta, and the refusal stemmed from a contradiction during the interview. I want to emphasize that there was no deliberate attempt to […]
  • Return to South Africa passport query 26/02/2024
    Family of 3 looking to return to SA. I need to renew my SA passport and ID. My husband needs to apply for passport but does have ID. My daughter (13) needs to apply for all documents. Is it quicker and is it legal to travel to SA on our British passports then apply for […]
  • ESTA or visa after past arrest and NFA (for a non CIMT offence) [duplicate] 26/02/2024
    I'm a UK citizen looking to travel to the US for the second time. I earlier travelled to the US almost 12 years back on a different passport on a B1/B2 visa before acquiring UK nationality. I have been reading about the entry requirements on multiple forums and I am seeing multiple conflicting rules/advice from […]
  • Day trip to Canada while under ESTA 26/02/2024
    My wife and I are planning a trip to the US in April. We are UK citizens, so will be travelling under the ESTA program. While in the States we will primarily be staying with a friend of ours who is a US citizen. One place we plan to visit is Niagara Falls. Our US […]
  • Vacation after J-1 (USA) visa ends, potential overstay of grace period by up to 5 days 26/02/2024
    My daughter (German nationality) is currently studying at a US high school. After the end of the program we want to travel in the US. The duration of this vacation will probably exceed the expiration date of the J-1 and the grace period, but only for a few days. (Reason: school holidays differ between the […]
  • My visit visa was refused due to large cash deposits. How to address it? [duplicate] 25/02/2024
    I need your advice as I was refused a visit visa to go see my daughter for two reasons: You have stated that you are employed as a principal nursing officer earning a monthly income of 188776.00 NGN (£98.93) and you do not have an additional income or savings. Whilst I acknowledge your salary coming […]
  • Is one hour enough for a connection in Bogota? 25/02/2024
    I have a flight from Sao Paolo to Miami with Avianca with a 1 hour stopover in Bogota. Do you know if that is enough time? Do I need to go through customs to get to my connecting flight or can I go straight from the gate I arrive in Bogota in to my next […]
  • Can I use a tourist visa appointment at VFS to apply for a short-term spousal visa? 25/02/2024
    I’m married to an EU National but live in the UK (I’m not a British or EU citizen). In theory I should be able to apply for a short-term spousal visa when we travel to Spain together, but there are no appointments available (at all) due to a shortage of appointment spots allocated to VFS. […]
  • What is a "consecutive stay plan"? 24/02/2024
    We're trying to book a hotel room in Japan. There are two options for the same room and same duration: with or without "consecutive stay plan", the latter being slightly less expensive (e.g. 199 vs 204 USD). The info popup is not helpful; there might be a difference in cancellation policy, but it is really […]
  • Carrying pets in commercial international airlines 21/02/2024
    Do commercial international airlines allow passengers to carry pets like cats and dogs? If yes, can we have a database of those commercial airlines that allow passengers to carry pets? If no, why? Example: Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, Singapore airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, etc.
  • Is there a flight search engine that can order results based on cost and travel time *together*? 20/02/2024
    For the upteenth time, I'm looking through a hundred results on Kayak trying to pick the best flights based on both cost AND travel time. Many flight search engines will order the results by cost OR by travel time, but this often doesn't get me what I want. For instance, the cheapest flight might be […]
  • Can I leave South Africa for a week and then come back for another three months? 21/10/2023
    I'm a Venezuelan visiting South Africa and I'm planning to stay longer since I met my boyfriend here and he want me to stay for another three months visiting him, but since my visitor visa is about to expire, I want to go to Spain for a week to visit a friend and then come […]
  • Sealed Duty Free bag back through security at a different airport (not transfer) 23/08/2022
    I bought some whisky in Kuala Lumpur and have since travelled to Bogotá for a few days. Can I bring the sealed duty free bag with the whisky from KL back through security at Bogotá on my return flight to London (as hand luggage)? Is the sealed, tamper-proof bag exempt from the liquids 100ml requirement? […]