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  • Temporary Visitor Visa for Japan - Should I give father's ITR? 16/07/2024
    I am planning to apply for a temporary visitor visa for Japan to visit my friend. My personal savings are good enough {10L INR (11960USD)} and I am bearing all expenses for the trip on my own. Still, is it a good idea to give my father's ITR? I think it might show good home […]
  • Are all Turkish Airlines covered by rules similar to the EC261? 16/07/2024
    I know all flights departing the European Union are covered, this question is about other flights from Turkish Airlines. On this page I found information that reminds me a bit of the EC261. However, the compensation amounts are not specified. I wander what is the actual compensation, is it analogous to the EC 261?
  • Is a high school with an ofsted rating of "requires improvement" or "inadequate" an accredited institution for the purpose of a study visa 16/07/2024
    The United Kingdom government website Check if you need a visa says that high-school students (aged 17 and under) coming to study in the UK from Europe for six months or more at an Independent School, require a Child Student visa and sponsorship from an "accredited institution". It then mentions a list of the routes […]
  • I mentioned a sibling residing in UK in my UK visitor visa application, but she's not a sponsor. Should I still upload a digital copy of her passport? 16/07/2024
    I am applying for a UK Standard Visitor visa. In my application form, I mentioned that I have a sibling who resides in UK on a temporary basis. So, I provided her passport number in the corresponding field. However, she's not sponsoring my trip. In this case, do I still need to submit a digital […]
  • Can I double dip free lounge passes to get 2 guests in? 15/07/2024
    I have two credit cards that offer a few free airport lounge visits per year: one via Priority Pass, the other via DragonPass. Quite a few lounges are signed up to both programs. Here's the issue: I often travel with family, meaning there's 4 of us. However, the T&C of both programs is quite clear […]
  • Applying for UK Student Visa with a Recent Schengen Ban [migrated] 15/07/2024
    I’m looking for some advice on my situation and hoping someone here can help. Here’s my background: In December 2018, I received a Schengen visa valid for 3 months. During that time, I traveled to Spain and overstayed my visa by 5 years. In May 2024, I decided to return to my home country, voluntarily; […]
  • How can you pay online for Indonesian visa applications? 15/07/2024
    I've applied for a C1 (formerly known as 211A) 60-day Indonesian visa, because these aren't offered on arrival, and I don't want the hassle of having to go in person somewhere to extend my 30-day visa. After finishing the application, the site says it's "Waiting For Payment" but there's no button/link/anything to pay. Others have […]
  • Entering US under VWP for a short "research visit" that was originally part of a longer program, due to stolen passport+visa 15/07/2024
    In short, the question is whether I can enter the US under the visa waiver program for a research visit at a university, given my particular situation (details below). Basically this question, but with extra complications. I (citizen of a EU country, PhD student) am in the US for a 6-month long research internship as […]
  • Okay to travel to places where the locals are unwelcoming? 15/07/2024
    Southern Europe is always on the top of my bucket list when it comes to selecting destination for my summer vacations. But recently as reported here and here and many other places, the locals are not quite happy to see tourists flooding their hometowns. What should one do morally and ethically to respect the locals […]
  • What are the key considerations when hiring a moving company for an international relocation? [closed] 15/07/2024
    Can anyone provide insights or share their experiences on what to look for in a moving company? Specifically, I'm interested in understanding aspects such as licensing, insurance, reputation, cost estimates, and additional services. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  • What does "lowest EPU" mean when choosing a seat? 15/07/2024
    I saw on United Airlines: "lowest EPU" What does "lowest EPU" mean when choosing a seat? I unsuccessfully searched on Google the following queries: "Lowest EPU" "Lowest EPU" flight seat "Lowest EPU" seating "Lowest EPU" air travel
  • Is it possible to buy an international bus ticket online from Singapore to JB Sentral? 15/07/2024
    I'm looking for a way to buy a bus ticket online that I board in Singapore and disembark in JB Sentral. I will use it as proof of onward travel when I board my flight to Singapore so a bus that only takes me to the Singapore end of the Causeway is probably not going […]
  • Should an electronic ticket on the KTMB app be acceptable as proof of onward travel from Singapore to JB? 15/07/2024
    I'm flying to Singapore soon and will cross the causeway straight into Johor Bahru. The last several times I've flown into Singapore they've always wanted me to show proof that I'll be leaving Singapore before I can board the flight. At least Scoot always has done so. I'm planning to travel overland around Malaysia then […]
  • Can Americans get standard visas instead of going visa-free [duplicate] 15/07/2024
    As a tourist born in the states, can I apply for a regular visa to a Schengen country instead of getting a Schengen visa? I am wondering if I can stay in each country for 90 days without having to leave the Schengen zone, maybe if I get standard visas and not a Schengen visa?
  • Do non-Schengen EU countries check proof of funds? 14/07/2024
    For a US citizen born in the US, I know that Schengen ones do check, but I don't remember if all EU countries do. Do they? What brought it to my attention again is that Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania have the same funds requirement of €50 per day, with Bosnia's even higher. Their amounts are […]
  • Indian Railways: Seat assignments for passengers split between confirmed and waitlist status 14/07/2024
    We purchased Indian Railways tickets for two passengers in the Chair Car Coach. One passenger was immediately placed in CNF (confirmed) status and got a seat number; the other was initially placed in WL1 (waitlist) status, but is now CNF as well. When we travel, will we get side by side seating?
  • Cost of Living/Salary: Sweden vs Germany [migrated] 14/07/2024
    A friend of mine is having job offer with a choice of location as either Germany or Sweden but the salary offered in Germany is more. Reason being given is that salaries in Sweden are comparatively less. Given that both are good economies, I would expect cost of living in Germany to be higher than […]
  • Type C Schengen Visa - Amsterdam 14/07/2024
    I have to apply for a Type C Schengen Visa for business purposes. In my invitation letter is stated the dates that I will be in the Netherlands. My question, can I apply for the Schengen Visa to arrive to Amsterdam 2 to 3 weeks earlier for travel/tourism purpose? Do I have to add other […]
  • Guarantor's role in Japan's short term visa 13/07/2024
    I am planning to apply for a Temporary Visitor visa for Japan from India. I do have a friend(Indian) there who will be extending their invitation for me. I also plan to stay at their house for a most part of my journey. But I am not taking any financial help from them. My question […]
  • Spouse name alterations on the last page 13/07/2024
    I have a valid b2 visa on an indian passport. If i make corrections on the last page under spouse name column will my visa become invalid? Do i need to visit the us embassy and reapply?