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  • The total non-immigrant visa applications to US 05/06/2023
    I recently asked a question: Travel visa rejection and acceptance data availability here in this forum regarding visa rejections and acceptances in different countries. But I would like to also see the total number of non-immigrant visa application sorted yearwise, and different nation wise. The below link is an answer from my previous query. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/legal/visa-law0/visa-statistics.html […]
  • UK Stamp: Leave to Enter Until 05/06/2023
    I’m a Malaysian. I entered UK on the 5th February this year. And left to Spain for a holiday on the 22nd Feb. Re-entered on the 28th Feb to UK. Left to Germany on the 9th April and flew back to UK on the 28th April. I was held at the immigration and was asked […]
  • I'm from the UK travelling to meeting my Girlfriend for the first time who is from the US. How will I get on going through CBP? 04/06/2023
    So I've got my ESTA and passport. I will be getting my flight ticket, travel insurance and vaccinations soon. My current 'employment' is that I care for my dad who is disabled. But I've arranged that I have someone look after him for the 2 weeks that I'm away. I've read how people could get […]
  • Can't provide a no objection letter for Spanish tourist visa 04/06/2023
    My spouse and I are looking to holiday in Spain. I'm a UK national and she is a Chinese national so needs a visa. We have been researching visa requirements and one thing that has cropped up is that a no objection letter is required. My wife is self employed as a piano teacher and […]
  • Where can I find a list of countries that allow visa-free entry for visa national cruise passengers? 04/06/2023
    According to https://www.mfa.gov.tr/frequently-asked-questions.en.mfa foreigners who are travelling to Türkiye by cruises are allowed to enter Türkiye without visa for a maximum period of 72 hours, with the permission given by the local security authorities. Is there a list anywhere of all countries that offer this kind of exemption to visa nationals?
  • What organization to call when find a hurt wild bird as a tourist in Copenhagen? 04/06/2023
    Context I have recently visited Copenhagen (Denmark) and while visiting the Little Mermaid my wife noticed a sort of wild goose with a broken leg. It could not fly, so I tried to quickly search for a local organization that might help the bird. In the meantime, a young couple managed to make a call […]
  • Can i travel to Malta with my UN 1951 Travel document issued by United Kingdom? 04/06/2023
    Can i travel to Malta without a visa with my 1951 UN convention travel document issued by united kingdom?
  • Applied for business visa, processed by BLS as tourist visa 04/06/2023
    I am due to travel to Spain in about 2 weeks. I will be visiting to acquire a vacation house for my parents. I initially applied for a short stay type C visa for business purposes. However, upon my arrival at BLS, they informed me that it will be processed under tourist visa. They didn’t […]
  • UK visitor visa to study 04/06/2023
    I will be visiting the UK from India to do a short research at a university in the UK. From the UK GOV website, I found the following visa type to be most relevant under visit to study option in standard visitor visa:- do a short piece of research that’s relevant to your course overseas […]
  • Airport Transit Visa Through Germany with Expired F1 but Valid I-20 04/06/2023
    I am starting a new degree program as a PhD student in the US. My visa is expired and I plan to go to my country to renew my F1 visa with a stopover in Germany. Do I have to get the transit visa in this case? Edit: Indian.
  • In Europe, do trains/buses get transported by ferries with the passengers inside? 04/06/2023
    I'm interested mainly in the route between Ireland and the UK by combined train/bus and ferry. Does the train/bus drive onto the ship and get transported altogether with the passengers inside, or do the passengers exit the train/bus and board the ship as a foot passenger from the harbor would?
  • I’m waiting for my US passport (am a dual citizen). My father is ill and booked a flight to see him - can I travel on my other passport? 03/06/2023
    I became a naturalized US citizen on May 11 and immediately applied for an expedited passport. The processing time for new passports is 7-9 weeks. It’s been two weeks and my passport is still being processed. My father is ill and I have booked a flight to see him abroad. I have a hospitalization notice […]
  • Doha lounge access: flying on Qatar air but Oman Air Sindbad Gold status 03/06/2023
    I am flying through Doha on an Economy class ticket however I am Oman Air Sindbad gold status. I know that Oman Air and Qatar have some partnerships. I was wondering would I be able to access any of the Qatar air Doha lounges?
  • UK Refugee travel document (blue color) and visas for France 03/06/2023
    I have a UK blue refugee travel document. Do I need a visa for entry to France? My original nationality is Nigeria, and I am confused about the eligibility for the 90 days visa free entry following the brexit travel update
  • Visiting Uzes (Uzès), France. Ideas for transportation, things to do 03/06/2023
    I'm visiting Uzès for about 1 month. Coming from California. I want to rent a car. Do folks have recommendations on how to get there? Based on my research, I assume fly into Paris and take a train and then rent a car. Note, I don't particularly want to drive all the way from Paris. […]
  • How much funds do I need in my bank account for 1 week in Ireland 03/06/2023
    I am planning a trip to Ireland, and I am from a country that does not require a visa. My trip duration will be 6 to 7 days. My partner will be paying for most of the trip, but they are also a tourist in Ireland (from the US). However, we will not be entering […]
  • How to find a job in Lille? [closed] 03/06/2023
    If this site is not best to find such guidence, kindly let me know of other such sites if possible. I came to Lille to do my 2nd masters. I have a masters degree in mathematics from a 3rd world nation. The college of my country is rated one of the top in country. I […]
  • My visa expired in Malaysia 3 years ago 03/06/2023
    my visa was expired in Malaysia 3 years ago. Will I be blacklisted if I go back to my country? Do I need to prepare any materials? what information do I need to prepare so as not to be blacklisted? lt's very important for me!!!
  • What should I do on a 12 hour layover in Chicago? 02/06/2023
    I have a United domestic flight into Chicago that will reach at around 9 am, and a 9 pm international flight (Finnair). I was wondering what I should do for the 12 hours I'll be there (or 8 if you exclude the check-in time for the international flight). I'll have 2 bags - 1 I'll […]
  • Some websites publish special flights that are extremely cheap. How are they doing that? [closed] 02/06/2023
    Cheapest option within the next 6 months on Google Flights is $600. But this website offers an option for $300 (happens like once a month for this specific option. Tickets are sold within hours) How are they doing that? At worst, they're saving buyers 100%. At best it's like 250%. I've never found such a […]