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WikiStays allows guests to search and compare a wide variety of amazing low wholesale flights, hotels, boutique holiday or business stays across the  whole globe. Even beachside shacks to country abodes, guests will find a unique accommodation & flight option for every taste and budget.

Wholesale Flights, Car Hire, Booked Activities and Short Tours are also available to book at our wholesale pricing offers from all our partners, right at your fingertips in the one location. Come to us last! WikiStays website is proudly owned and operated by AAMMS, a global leader in online holiday or business bookings.

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Our pricing from all our partner agencies will have you getting the best pricing all the time, best dates, best times to travel. With nearly 1500 airlines, 100’s of thousands of hotels, apartments, campsites, you will get & search out your best price to travel the world.

Just give it a try, over 12,000 members have and found the deal their after. In all currencies, in all languages, there’s a deal for everyone! Try our easy Flight & Hotel Maps, Pull-Out Calendar for quick pricing on flights takeoff & return dates combined!

Our Approaches

WikiStays is an wholesale advertising website which allows rental property owners, airlines, hire car operators worldwide, to list and promote holiday bookings, receive and manage enquiries in relation to their property in realtime. Customer’s in turn can book all their holiday requirements using our site without checking individiual sites for their best price. We get it for you, again in realtime to the minute pricing!

WikiStays Partner Team

The WikiStays team and wholesale Partner’s are here to help you all the way!

Whether looking for a wholesale price in Accommodation Rentals, Air Tickets, Car Hire, Holiday Activities and Holiday Tours, you’ll get your best booking price from WikiStays. We’ll help you setting up your Free Membership with our Member Club, to booking your getaway purchase, or thru to listing your great travel getaway!

It’s all available using the one website, WikiStays….. That’s how founder’s Steve & Fiona O’Connor wanted it!

Checkout our included partnerships when searching in the list of deals available in filters or dropdowns searching, providing you the best pricing available in realtime below!

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If you are interested in travel destinations, we will be looking for experienced staff in 2016. Keep us in mind, view our career listings by clicking on the link below.

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