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Do I need to show p...

Do I need to show proof of funds? If yes, how exactly?


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I owned a business years ago. Income from that came from US banks to my bank in middle east. I currently keep most of my liquid assets in US firms. I funded my US accounts from middle east banks. So governments can see the transaction history until the origin, assuming they have enough clearance.

While applying for visas, touristic or national visas, they ask for proof of funds and statements.

Is it enough if I just show my US account statements? If not what else can I provide? In my home country, there's no personal tax filing like they do in the US. I filed and paid taxes through my company as an entity, years ago. The way it works is after paying taxes on your income and file relevant documents, you transfer the money from your company bank account to your personal account. That's it. No more reporting or filing. I currently don't work. I live off of my assets. So no tax filing papers, no employment records, just financial account statements.

Also while I'm here I have a few more questions.

  1. Can I just print out the statement (since maybe they can call the firm and verify my ID & account as a government entity) or does it need to be apostilled? Needing apostille would be annoying since they'd have to come all the way from the US every time I need a visa.

  2. Should I redact my account number? Idk how many people will see those numbers in the embassy and if that could create a security problem for me. Most workers here have much less than me so it might put a target on my back.

  3. If they need to see my spending habits, would it be weird to show my US credit card statements? I mostly use those since local cards offer worse points and user protection.

I'm asking in general but say for a UK tourist visa or a national visa for a schengen member or any difficult to get visas.

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